Uniqlo Adaptive

Capstone project creating adaptive apparel for individuals awaiting organ transplants that will emphasize a therapeutic value and a maintenance of normalcy.


Focusing in Pre-Transplant care to support patient's need for organ support, doctors appointments, maintaining their daily schedules and constantly motivating through family, friends, and activities.

Among the importance for patients to keep their body as healthy as possible as well as manage a number of external devices, there is a need for clothing to showcase self-expression during a traumatic moment of their lives.

To protect patient and doctor privacy, interviews will not be published in the online portfolio. For further inquiry into this project, please reach out.

At any point of their treatment, a patient might encounter external support devices like IV lines, PICC Lines, Catheters, LVADs or Total Artifical Hearts, or Dialysis. The patient might be using one or more of these treatments simultaneously. 


The adaptive apparel market is a growing industry

and is currently occupied by the brands below

Opportunity space in the adaptive clothing space for everyday wear that is functional in both a hospital and public setting.

Current adaptive apparel solutions in this space do not support the patients need for style, self-expression or normalcy.


In this concept association map, I laid out the important aspects of organ transplant and adaptive apparel that I needed to answer. This included unanswered questions, processes and systems, as well as opportunities.

I allowed myself to ideate on the user opportunities I laid out above. I explored various forms and functionalities to find the best solution to concealing any functionality not fit for public places. 

This silhouette study allowed me to explore various forms adjacent to Uniqlo's brand language. 

I created a prototype to understand how the garment would function on the body. Adjustments I made include silhouette, construction and functional aspects like eliminating the elastic waistband for user comfort.


Snap closures reach halfway down to provide access to chest and upper arm

Lining rolls down to reveal hidden gloves

Access to the abdomen through snap closures 

Forearm pulley system reveals access for dialysis or IV treatment

Adjustable waistband flaps down to provide ease of dress and catheter access as well as comfort for distention

Interior pockets on inside of the leg to conceal a catheter bag

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