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Under Armour sponsored two-week project focusing on linear movement in women's lacrosse.

A women's lacrosse cleat for midfielders, focused on linear movement.

Foot comes in at 55 degree angle

Back foot toe drag begins, front foot approaches ground

Back foot toe drag, front foot slams down

Front knee bend, back foot prepares for take off

Linear motion keeps the body moving forward

Forward stability achieved, back foot lifts off

Energy is lost as it reverberates up the leg. The goal is to provide solutions so that energy moves all the way up from the heel through the arm.

No Traction


Ashley Rogers

Southern Methodist University Lacrosse Midfielder

Footwear Insights

Wears soccer and sometimes football cleats

Small men's sizes in footwear

Wear ankle braces with low top shoes

Need more flexibility and durability

Wider toe box to break and pivot

Heat from turf makes feet sweat

Protects knit upper in toe drag

Generative Pattern

Toe Cap

Asymmetrical Throat

Logo Placement

Tightens medial pull of the upper

Assists in energy transfer as

the foot rolls heel to toe

Allows room for braces

Knit Collar

Knit Upper


Molded TPU

Midsole Plate Wrap

Reinforces medial and lateral midfoot

Regulates temperature

Heel Counter

Increases traction in roll


Transfers force in wider directions

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