Systems Jacket

14 week project dedicated to craftsmanship development in apparel.

The systems jacket is an all-weather jacket consisting of two parts. The inner layer can provide insulation and the outer layer provides protection from the elements. The jacket can be worn three ways.

This jacket is meant to represent the seamless transitions between each sport, each gender, and each climate. This jacket represents the easy going but highly technical, youthful user.

The hidden hood construction was an important feature that required development to understand how it would store in the collar, and serve its proper function when deployed.

Goretex Taslite Nylon

Taslan Nylon DWR

Waterproof Zipper

Invisible Zipper

Nightfall Black

Pipe Dream Blue

Concrete Grey

Summit White

Invisible Zipper Pocket

Bar Tack on Invisible Zipper

Inside Pocket Construction

Outside with Lining

Attached Lining

Attaching Front Zipper

Cutting Pattern from Goretex

Piecing Pattern Together

Invisible Zipper

Layered: Taslan Nylon, Insulation


Pattern Cut & Assembly

How to improve: seam-seal the edges to increase the water proofing

© Anna Violette 2020

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