A nomadic journey through ten key cities to reintroduce the Jordan Brand to Generation Z.

This two-week project focused on redefining the sneaker drop experience, connecting with Jordan's core consumer, and releasing models in a way that guarantees an increase in revenue. 

Michael Jordan is getting old. At his career end, Gen Z was either not alive, or just toddlers.

'Banned' Commercial by Nike, 1985. Introducing Air Jordan I

In 2015, Jordan was projected to reach about 5 billion by 2020, which is unlikely to happen on current trends.

These four retro models were the highest grossing Jordans of 2017. Jordan Brand's newer models aren't selling as well.

Remember this? Sneaker Drops 1991 - 2014

The SNKRs app released in 2015, and changed sneaker drops forever.


Minneapolis, MN

Detroit, MI

Denver, CO

Chicago, IL

Philedelphia, PA

Boston, MA

San Francisco, CA

Washington, D.C.

Dallas, TX

Miami, FL

As Nike narrows its global focus to just 12 cities, with only 2 in the U.S., it's important to maintain contact with their young users. Each of these cities is carefully chosen for their connection to sports. Nike vans will be deployed across the U.S to each city with a personalized agenda. 

The experience will begin 24 hours before Nike arrives. Users with the Nike plus app will receive a notification announcing their arrival, and those without the app will be hit with print ads encouraging them to download the app to participate in the experience.

Strategically hidden Jordan vans will show up around the city. The user will create their own journey through the AR app. Each of these points represents a significant location in the city related to sports history. There are over 1 million ways to get to these trucks.

The app will countdown 24 hrs. When the app finishes the countdown, the user will be prompted to begin the journey where the only rules are to follow the basketball. The user is encouraged to create their own journey, following the path to trucks strategically placed around the city. Once their journey is complete they will receive a cue number for product releases that Jordan is pushing at the moment.

Gain or maintain city loyalty, staying in contact with the consumers, not in key cities

Restart Jordan release hype by executing new ways to market towards younger generations

Educate a new demographic to a brand’s iconic history, increasing relatability and revenue

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