Refreshing Victoria's Secret's Retail Experience

Branding Project

Summer 2019

14-week project in re-branding Victoria's Secret around refreshing the retail experience and creating product customization. This boutique store will be launched in key cities and will create intimate fittings, customized products, and will build and grow new personal relationships.




Victoria's Secret is bringing in 66% less money than they were only five years ago.

The lingerie market is steadily growing, and is projected to hit $62 billion by 2025.

In the last five years, Victoria's Secret is seeing a large part of its market being taken over by digitally native brands like Savage x Fenty, ThirdLove, and True & Co.

How might Victoria's Secret surpass digitally native brands in innovation and experiences while creating new benchmarks for the growing lingerie market?


Key Macro Trends driving the United States in social, technological, economical, environmental, political, and luxury markets.



- Retail Presence

- Celebrity Following

- No Third-Party Sales

- Loyalty Program


- High Inventory Volume

- "Designed for Men"

- Inaccurate Bra Fittings

- High Store Closure

- Poor Quality Products


- Limited Body Range in Marketing

- Declining Viewership in VSFS

- Current VS Leadership at #MeToo Risk

- DTC brands overtaking industry

- Limited sizing


- Wider Size Range

- Custom Fitting

- Redefine VSFS

- Restructure Leadership

- Expand Past Intimates Market


Offer custom fit products that are sustainable, practical, help build confidence, foster education, and maintain relationships through luxurious experiences

"Bra shopping is nothing but frustration"


Selected survey results from over 300 participants



"I would love to get to know my body and health better!"


Early Adopter

"I don't wear traditional bras, and sometimes people call me out for it"


Early Adopter

"It's a painful experience trying to find something that makes me feel beautiful"


Late Majority

"I want to start taking bra shopping more seriously"



Early Adopter

Mia is a young woman, just beginning her career. She's slightly frustrated by the options she has when it comes to purchasing undergarments. She believes that she shouldn't have to compromise on properly fitting pieces that make her feel beautiful. After working tirelessly to position herself within her field, she feels as if she's finally created an opportunity to start enjoying the luxuries in life. Mia is always on the lookout for new places for her and her friends to hang out in her city. Mia is a product of her generation in that she stands up and advocates for equal treatment and respect women deserve. Mia is a fun-loving, thrill-seeking, and humorous friend.

Age: 25

Location: Urban

Education: Bachelor's Degree

Occupation: Designer II at Startup

Income 70k/year

Family: Single

Goals and Challenges:

- Grow personal confidence

- Have properly fitting undergarments

- Find time for luxurious experiences

- Find new ways to connect to friends


Early Majority

Kendra is a successful woman who has spent the majority of her adult life building her own business and raising a family. Kendra's children are finally off on their own and she has the time and money to spend on herself. Kendra is noticing that as her body begins to age and change forms, she needs to cater towards it. Kendra finds it difficult to find the right undergarments for her changing body, as she needs support but still wants to feel sexy. With more time on her hands, Kendra has re-energized her social life and wants a new place to go with her girlfriends. Kendra loves to discover new places and loves the process of shopping around. She wants to keep learning about herself, and find the best products in the process.

Age: 55

Location: Suburban

Education: Master's Degree

Occupation: Business Owner

Income 150k/year

Family: Married with Grown Children

Goals and Challenges:

- Transition into her older body gracefully

- Finally indulge herself

- Finally find the right pieces

- Wants to become a 'lady who lunches'

- Excited to try new places with friends


The front room is a decompressing room to welcome customers in from the bustling streets outside. This room is the new introduction to Victoria’s Secret. Dusty pinks, wood flooring, soft marble, and a breath of green, Victoria’s Secret becomes a caressing, open, and curious new brand to experience.

If you’re here to meet friends for a quick cup of coffee or glass of wine, the bar provides a comfortable space to sit and chat. Our experienced bartenders will cater to your needs and provide suggestions, as our seasonally changing menu is sourced locally and supports local farmers.

Directly across from the bar is our table area. Guests are encouraged to seat themselves, and our attentive wait staff will be ready to take your order. This space is a wonderful opportunity to bring together friends and family to make deeper connections. 

Our display room serves as a gateway to the second floor. Here we have interactive window displays that allow our guests to discover the history of Victoria’s Secret. For those guests who have made appointments for our fitting rooms, this is where you will check in. 

Guests who have checked in downstairs will be directed up here. This spacious room has similar interactive window displays. At each display, you are free to pull up your own information and hear from our experts. When your fitting room is ready, out attendant will guide you to the right place.

In our fitting rooms, we encourage you to bring in guests to continue the conversations you started downstairs. When you step in front of the mirror, you will be greeted personally by our AI. You will then receive the key to open up new products and find custom fitting products that not only make you feel pretty but make you feel as if you are well taken care of.


In 2022, Bea will launch its first store. Along with this launch will come our exploration into custom fit products. We’ve heard from countless women that they feel as if they can never find a bra that fits. In our Couture line, we will introduce our first fitting room experience that takes your body measurements and allows you to input your color and material choices. With this experience, you will be able to see what the product will look like on your body before you receive the purchase. You will be able to check out on the screen.


In 2023, we will begin our journey into helping women understand their bodies better. With the launch of the Rebellion line, we will release products that help you track your cycles, and read your body for any potential abnormalities or infections having to do with reproductive help. We will utilize our garments as soft and delicate technology that will give you insight like never before. As we move Rebellion forward, we will use this same platform to track activity levels and give better feedback on how to stay physically and mentally healthy. Rebellion represents our rebellion against women having to hide their natural systems. We are here to praise and guide, while simultaneously giving our customers the resources and encouragement to live their truth. We will begin our semi-annual Bea Gala where we will invite speakers to come talk on issues that are important to us.


In 2025, we will complete the rollout of our new projects. As we step slightly away from our physical garments, we present our Desire platform. Desire goes beyond fit and health tracking, and allows our customers a lifestyle platform. On this platform, they are able to track their health, nutrition, fitness, goals, style, and general lifestyle planning. Now that we have great insight into our customers, we are able to provide live feedback and suggestions every time you sign into this application. 


Begin ideation based on consumer research and brand insights.

Design refinement based on feedback focuses brand into experience design and customized product design based on fit and function.

Design refinement focuses brand back to potential retail experience and product experiences.

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