Ten-day sponsored project with Adidas's Futures Team was a study of different material compositions. Looking specifically at the properties of thermoplastic polyurethane in the athletic industry, we created a youth protective hockey suit for the future of hockey. In collaboration with Ian Simon.

Ice Hockey is changing. The sport is seeing an influx of smaller and more agile players. 

- fuller coverage in padding

- sport is speeding up

- value quickness over intimidation

- loyalty starts at a young age

Youth Hockey Players

- ages 5 and up

- all genders

- forward positions

Older hockey players often don't update their padding, for comfort and superstitious reasons. Adidas can change the game by introducing a new padding system to youth players. 

How do we design more with less with the subsequent materials?

Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Polyester / TPU backing

Polyester & TPU blend

Shoe Foam

Layering Heat Pressed TPU

Discovering material properties through heat pressing, material destruction, vacuum-forming, folding and sonic welding, and 3d weaving.

TPU with Ridging

Shoe Foam Padding

TPU Base Layer

TPU Polyester Blend

Laser Cut

Sonic Weld

Heat Press

Vacuum Form


Manufacturing process for hockey padding.

Ridged Padding

Bandage Arms

New Silhouette

Neck Branding

Fuller Padding Coverage

Zipper Opening

Different Levels of Padding

Range of Mobility

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