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For Pre-Organ Transplant Patients

Capstone Project

Fall 2019

An adaptive apparel line for individuals awaiting organ transplants that will emphasize a therapeutic value and a maintenance of normalcy.

In my capstone project, I had the opportunity to speak with several patients and medical professionals. Patients can spend up to five years waiting for a new organ. During that time, they may need several therapies to maintain their current state of health, including weekly treatments and organ assisting devices, all while trying to live a semi-normal life.


This line of clothing is specifically for pre-transplant patients. Complete with extreme accessibility, hidden pockets, ventilation and warming, and antimicrobial material, these garments allow the user to receive treatment at noon and go to the grocery store at 2.



Reduce Risk of Infection

Encourage Activity

Regulate Temperature

Access to Devices

Appear Normal

To protect patient and medical professional privacy, interviews will not be published in this online portfolio. For further inquiries, please contact me through my email at Thank you!


IV Line

Catheter Line

Swan Ganz Line

Heart Pump

Dialysis Line

At any point in their treatment, a patient might encounter external support devices like IV lines, PICC Lines, Catheters, LVADs or Total Artificial Hearts, or Dialysis. The clothing provides access to several points around the body for these treatments. This allows the patient to remain clothed and keep warm. 

Each piece of clothing hides several functions that allow the user to receive treatment. When the user is finished, these functions can be hidden. These pieces can be worn in a medical situation or in a daily life situation.

Snap closures reach halfway down to provide access to chest and upper arm

Lining rolls down to reveal hidden gloves

Access to the abdomen through snap closures 

Forearm pulley system reveals access for dialysis or IV treatment

Adjustable waistband flaps down to provide ease of dress and catheter access as well as comfort for distention

Interior pockets on inside of the leg to conceal a catheter bag

Interior and Exterior Pockets


Snap Closures at Abdomen

Adjustable Waistband


Catheter Disposal

Removable Hood


Forearm Access


"Nurses and patients will alter garments on the spot if access is needed"


$349.9 billion global adaptive apparel by 2023

$54.8 billion United States adaptive apparel market by 2023

CoreSight Research. "The US Adaptive Clothing and Footwear Market Represents a $47.3 Billion Largely Untapped Opportunity."

The current adaptive wear market is full of tired, DIY, senior adult clothing that does not give the user confidence, does not cater to a younger crowd, and actively drives away potential customers based on its aesthetic design.

© Anna Violette 2020

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